Jeffrey Alan Lovelace, MBA Massachusetts USA

Expertise: creative business expansion strategies, international markets. Experiences: high performance, innovative processes, technology & management. Education: MBA American University Washington, D.C.Extra: Author, speaker.

Richard M. Highsmith, M.S. Florida, USA

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, guest lecturer at Harvard Business School. Experience: HP, NCR, BP, NASA, Siemens, Merck, Baxter, Novartis, Pfizer, Deloitte. Education: M.S., Community Psychology, University of Central Florida. Extra: Author, speaker.

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria, M Sc. California USA

Expertise: Leadership performances leap team. Elite team of 40 change agents. Experiences: U.S. Navy Pilot –Squadron Commander - enterprise coaching. Education: M.Sc. Aviation Systems University of Tennessee, Space Institute. Extra: Author, speaker. Special Assistant to Naseem Javed on Corporate Affairs – USA

Thomas Erickson

Expertise: management development, coaching and consulting. Experiences: Certified Trainer - Kepner Trego, Leadership Circle 360. Education: MA - Organizational Management. Extra: Author, speaker

Jonathan Jordan, M.S. Florida USA

Expertise: Mass change agent, organizational re-engineering, finance Experience: Award- McDonald’s global HR work, million employees, 120 countries.Education: Master of Science, Social Science, Florida State University USAExtra: Author, speaker

Dr. Kim Malloy, PhD California USA

Expertise: Six sigma performance management, culture change specialist. Experiences: DuPont, Toyota, Merck, Kia, Kroger Foods, LG, Pfizer, Genentech. Education: PhD Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Allient University California. Extra: Author, Special Assistant to Naseem Javed on Corporate Affairs – Asia

Patricia Noonan, MPA Colorda USA

Expertise: Moving leaders forward in organizational and strategic competencies. Experiences: multi-national companies, designing processes to foster growth. Education: MPA Organizational Development San Diego University California. Extra: Author, speaker

Clare Novak, MA Pennsylvania USA

Expertise: Leadership development and mentoring for success Experience: Healthcare, Hospitality, Financial, Pharmaceuticals. Electric Utility, OilEducation: MA Wake Forest University, PhD in progress University of Kansas, USAExtra: Author, speakerSpecial Assistant to Naseem Javed on Corporate Affairs – Export Development Projects

Dr. Drumm McNaughton, PhD California USA

Expertise: management consulting, strategy and change management. Experience: Trident University, managed 24 faculty, 40 sections, 1000 MBA students. Education: Ph.D., Human - Organization Systems Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, CA. Extra: Author, speaker

Julie Ann McManus, MA Ohia USA

Expertise: Internationally-accomplished senior consultant, practitioner in enterprise. Experience: Train leaders, challenge leaders, engage leaders. Education: MA in Industrial/Organization Psychology Illinois State University. Extra: Author, speaker. Special Assistant to Naseem Javed on Corporate Affairs – Africa

Debra Sue Westlake, MA Florida USA

Expertise: Management change and expansion. Experience: Wide experience in organizational training and international expansion. Education: M A University of Utah, University of Phoenix, Salt Lake City, USA. Extra: Author, speaker

Kevin C Pitts, MBA New Jersey USA

Expertise: design and develop epic events that create a shift in leadership practices. Experience: SABIC, Kimberly-Clark, P&G, Unilever, AT&T, Panasonic, DuPont. Education: MBA University of Virginia USA. Extra: Author, Speaker

Dr. Richard Schuttler, PhD Arizona USA

Expertise: intellectually disciplined in applying higher-order thinking skill sets. Experience: Mass trainings, Ministry of Health, Muscat, Fortune 1000 organizations. Education: PhD- Applied Management and Decision Sciences Walden University, USA. Extra: Author, speaker

Dr. Gerald G. Polesky, PhD Arizona USA

Expertise: Motivator, original implementer of Six Sigma into General Electric. Experience: Authority in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity. Education: Doctorate in Organizational Development and Behavior. Extra: Author, speaker

Dr. Isabel Marlene Thorn, PhD Maryland USA

  Expertise: Strategic Leadership and Change Management. Experience: Senior Role, International Monetary Fund, DC and global offices. Education: PhD University of Maryland. Extra: Author, speaker

Dr. Sarah Layton, PhD Florida USA

Expertise: business development, multi-billion dollar operations, worldwide experience. Experience: Senior management leadership on innovation and performance. Education: Doctorate in Business Administration, Huizenga Florida. Extra: Author, speaker. Special Assistant to Naseem Javed on Corporate Affairs – India

Naseem Javed, Toronto, Canada

Founder, Image Supremacy Movement, Team leader, Octagon Formation, Founder, Mentorian Worldwide