A massive program to mobilize medium size business economy in Pakistan…

The Objectives: Creating marathons of exportability and massive deployments of innovative excellence and creating dramatic enhancement of medium business economy in selected regions of Pakistan. Founders and owners of businesses currently doing over US$10 to 100 million are invited to a very special program to quadruple exports and global access.

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FPCCI Pakistan & Expothon

The Methodology: Expothon Strategy will land and deploy massive 600 Hours non-stop continuous training to dramatically transform 5000 pre-selected small medium size enterprises already doing US$10 million to $100 million into becoming dynamic global age players. This training delivered in English by a team of 50 Master Experts from Canada, Europe and USA over a course of 25 days will have non-stop 600 hundred hours of real Live 24x7 training. The minimum value of such learning is USD $25,000 for each qualified participant.

The Costs: There will be  no charge  either to the selected association or their invited recipient members. There are no hidden costs or agenda or any obligations to participate in the program.

Strict  Selection Criteria:  Our program is strictly for owners, founders and next generation business leaders. 

Our Assessment:  During the 600 hours of rapid fire learning if a participant only deployed 1% of new transformational thinking it would easily add a minimum of USD$100,000 to their bottom line.


What others failed to teach?

Our Business Model:   We offer full year 24x7x365 transformational programs to owners for global age expansionThe price for a full year expanded Expothon Program is USD$50K to USD$100K per participantsHowever, after 25 days of exposure to exceptional value, small portion of the 5000 participants will be able to apply to get selected in our annual program.

Our Goals in Pakistan:  Mentorian Worldwide, will offer an expanded version full year package program to 2000 diverse enterprises across the land already doing USD$10-50 plus millions to quadruple their performance @USD$2.00 per hour under a special deal. Applications will open in September 2018


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Our Selected Nations:

Mentorian Worldwide, will offer an expanded version full year package program to 2000 diverse enterprises across the land already doing US$10-100 million to quadruple their performance @US$2.00 per hour under a special deal.

We know once the owners and founders of medium size enterprises acquire the new taste of global age mobilization, increase their bottom-line as per our guarantee, they will have no objections giving us the full amount for our programs in the following years. We prove our value as we go along and deliver measurable value as we they move forward. This is a real global age thinking.

Selected nations will have the opportunity to train 5000 SMEs at no cost and also enjoy the growth of 1000 selected for the full year program at US$2:00 per hours. Mentorian is currently engaged with few nations and more new announcements are forth coming.


Immediate Action Suggested:

The Summit:  A senior level live broadcasted discussion is required where the leadership of FPCCI and Presidents from KCCI, LCCI, FCCI and TDAP plus major trade associations will results in approving customized selection processes resulting in the final list of 5000 enterprises as approved recipient for this very high value complimentary pilot program by Expothon.

The responses will be directly captured live online on the Expothon program sites to facilitate the applicant registrations. A onetime charge of USD$25 to process the application will be required, and based on selection criteria applicants will be accepted or rejected.

The Selected Lists:  A list of final selected candidate to receive a USD$25K value without any charge will be posted grouped by associations on the official Expothon Pakistan websites.

The Outsiders : Other large and small enterprise owners and outside government or educational bodies interested in the programs may attempt to request for their participation and in that case, they can apply online for a fee of USD$100 and if approved would not be charged the USD$25k but will be allowed for a very special discounted total fee of USD$5K for all 600 hours.

The Launch Strategy:  Once the 5000 enterprise owners have been selected Expothon will announce the program to the Media. By this time a very high profile business personality of Pakistan will be appointed as Chairman of Expothon Pakistan. By this time the full deployment collateral will be available to pre-selected groups with scheduled live broadcast Press Conference in Canada and similar event in Pakistan.

The program will commence in100 days from that date going forward.


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