"National Solution to Quadruple Exportability and Innovative Excellence in Pakistan” a White Paper
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Why is Entrepreneurialism taught in class rooms? Armies are not: they are taught in tactical combats.

Why is Technocalamity, the free overflow of technology so feared? It is altering the business landscape.

Why is soft power asset management, a new thinking, not favored over hard asset thinking? 

Why are population-rich nations taking over knowledge-rich nations? Nations are confused.

Why are diversity, entrepreneurialism and women power considered threat? Lack of global age wisdom.

Expothon Global Strategy. By Naseem Javed

The program assists with top five most critical national performance challenges:

  1. How can Trade Associations become 24x7x365 alive high performance global marketing machines?

  2. How can Awards and Annual events become 24x7x365 high quality deliverers of 365 days of programs?

  3. How can Houses of Trade become 24x7x365 value organizations with 365 days of global programming?

  4. How can Export development hunting operate at 24x7x365 with high value global performance levels?

  5. How can Government’s economic programs become 24x7x365 with superior command and control?

 The time to change has already passed; the time to mobilize and revolutionize has started.

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